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Weikesi is making effects on creating a high-qualified brand with ever-lasting youth.The company tightly centers on scientitic and technical innovation,imp;ementation of patent strategy.No matter new material production lines or high-effective operation mode integrating production and scientific research,the new type science and technology has brought profound changes for products,and also extraordinary values.In domestic market,Weikesi products have been sold to more than 20 provinces,cities and autonomous regions all over the country,with multiple sales agents,and decent long-term cooperation and after-sales service relationship with dealers in all the places.In many countries and regions such as European Union,America,South America,etc."Weikesi"brand has gained reliance among many companies;and the sales of products stays on the top level in the industry field at home.In the current times when a brand name rules...

Our company has been certified by ISO9001:2008 Quality System as well as bu ISO14001:2004 Enveronmental Management System,honored as"Famous Trademark of China"and"Brand product of Zhejiang Province".Innovation is the permanent pursuit of WEIKESI.We emphasize on innovations and constantly develop products of more novelty,personalization and enveronmental-friendliness,leading the trend in the market.We also pay attention to the harmonious development between human and the nature.Weikesi is always committed to the developing motto of"eternal perfection".

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