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Better timing and precautions for taking a walker

Industry News
2018/08/21 10:33
Now people's living conditions are good, many mothers think that other people's 
children have their own children must have, so many people are racing to buy a 
walker. In fact, if the baby walker does not sit properly, there will be a lot of 
harm to the baby. So when is the baby's babywalker?
First, the opportunity for baby to take a baby walker.
Generally speaking, "Seven can sit, eight can climb," nine-month-old babies will 
learn to walk on the wall, 10 months ago the baby is not recommended to use a 
walker. If parents really need to use walkers, be careful.
Babies must satisfy three conditions when using a walker: sufficient head support, 
ability to sit up independently, and lumbar vertebrae can be upright, and can walk 
with objects on their own.
Two. Matters needing attention in walkers
1, don't use it too early. Early use of the walker will make the baby skip the 
natural growth and development stage of "crawling", resulting in poor body balance 
and overall muscle coordination, easy to appear sensory integration disorders, such 
as clumsy hands and feet, poor flexibility, hyperactivity, inattention, personality 
problems (impulse, willfulness, hot temper), etc.
2. When using the walker, we should also pay attention to controlling the time that the child stays in the walker, not more than 30 minutes at a time is appropriate; the walker is used indoors, away from the stove, plug and other dangerous goods, avoid the use of doorsteps, stairs, uneven places to avoid accidental injury; the various parts of the walker to be used; Firm, in order to prevent car body damage, wheel shedding and other accidents in the process of collision; finally, pay attention to the hygiene of the walking car, prevent the baby from the mouth.
Warm reminder: for babies, to the corresponding age, if parents want to let their baby more activities, it is better to let the baby crawl more. Because 7-12 months is an important stage for your baby to practice crawling and lay a good foundation for walking. Therefore, parents can leave a larger space at home, spread soft cushions on the floor, and then put some toys and so on, attracting the baby to crawl on the cushion itself. In this way, the parents' hands can be liberated and the children can get real exercise.
Through the narrative of this article can know that the baby to do a walker must grasp the opportunity, too early is not good, will cause harm to the baby's body. Too late is not good, which may restrict children's development. Timing needs to be determined according to the growth and development of their babies, it is best to meet the three conditions described in this article can be oh.
Better timing and precautions for taking a walker