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Children electric vehicles and Ness (HENES)

Industry News
2018/08/21 10:36
Since the implementation of the second child policy in 2016, the children's market has gradually expanded. Recently, the safety of children's goods in China has become a hot topic. Among the used children's products, the brand "HENES" which introduces real automotive safety technology through the design of ergonomic structure to protect children and the latest technology of remote control steering wheel is very popular with the Chinese people.
HENES was recently selected as the "Safety Brand" Department award in Top Brand Award, South Korea, in 2016. Top Brand Award of Korea is co-sponsored by the Association of Journalists and the Institute of Service Marketing. It is presided over by the Korea Institute of Sustainable Business Assessment. After three stages of professional investigation and review committee, Top Brand Award selects the best brands in nine fields, such as safety brand and common growth brand. Through this award, HENES's high safety was recognized at home and abroad.
Known as the "HENES BROON" of dads'yearning for sensual design, it is the only child electric car manufactured with 100% Korean technology. Installation of gas-powered impact protection double-wishbone suspension, remote emergency parking system, proportional electronic control system and other advanced safety control devices, unlike ordinary toys, the introduction of a real car concept, suddenly seized on the children's health and safety issues sensitive parents.
Especially with Ness's masterpiece, HENS BROON T870, sophisticated automotive engineering is used to elevate the level of the body to the same level as a real car. The Android tablet system's advanced safety control devices, even out of the parents'view, can protect children's safety, and the maximum speed of 8 km per hour is to comply with state regulations to reduce parents' concerns.
HENES has formed a distribution network based on 50 franchised stores and 100 sales stores in South Korea. It has set up branches and direct-operated stores in Nanjing for the purchase and after-sales service of Chinese consumers, thus increasing the satisfaction of Chinese consumers.
Located in Qixia District, Nanjing, China, HENES's direct-operated store features a black and grey look and fashionable display that attracts local consumers, as well as a trial ride and lots of interesting activities.
Finally, Chinese consumers are very concerned about the new products to be launched by Ness (HENES).
Children electric vehicles and Ness (HENES)