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Analysis of the development of children's car industry in China

Industry News
2018/08/21 10:29
China's children under 16 reach 380 million. Many businesses and companies are eager 
for a very large children's car market like China's children and children. Their 
expenditure and demand alone can drive the work and life of hundreds of millions of 
people in China. The market demand for baby stroller is also enormous. The domestic 
market demand for baby stroller is increasing at an annual rate of 40%. The 
following is the analysis of the development status of China's children's car 
industry in 2016.
After the 2008 global financial tsunami, China's children's car market situation has 
undergone tremendous changes, children's car enterprises rapidly mature. The age of 
big fish eating small fish, fast fish eating slow fish has arrived. Careful 
consumers must find that in recent years, many baby stroller manufacturers have died 
heroically. According to the China Report Hall's 2014-2018 China Children's Car 
Market Survey and Investment Prospect Analysis Report, the current situation of 
China's children's car industry shows that only by constantly improving the 
operating efficiency of children's car manufacturers can they survive in the 
situation of the industry's declining overall profits.
Yan Fengmin, director of the law enforcement and supervision department of the State 
Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection, said: "Although parents pay 
more attention to the product quality and safety of cThe survey found that 47.6% of parents were unaware of the requirement that children's car products must be certified by compulsory product certification (3C certification) before they can be manufactured, sold, imported or used in other business activities.hildren's cars, they lack relevant knowledge."
At the same time, only 44.75% of the parents knew that the state had issued the safety standards for children's bicycles, while the awareness rates of the safety standards for children's tricycles, children's carts, baby walkers and electric bicycles were very low, 11.8%, 17.2%, 15.0% and 11.3% respectively.
According to Ma Lincong, Dean of the Institute of Standardization of China, from the point of view of the purchase principle, according to the children's age and growth stage needs, the purchase of different types of children's cars. Try to buy a single function baby car product, and resolutely refuse to buy a baby carriage without 3C logo. At the same time, attention should be paid to the product recall information and consumption warning information issued by the State Administration of Quality Supervision and Inspection (AQSIQ) to keep away from the children's car products with potential safety hazards.
So, what problems should we pay attention to when buying children's cars? Ma Lincong said that attention should be paid to the safety of the car body parts, whether there are small parts that are easy to fall off, sharp edges or cusps, easy to clamp children's body parts clearance; whether the structure can be loaded without loosening or parts falling off; whether folding and locking devices are effective and reliable; whether the brakes (brakes) are effective; whether dangerous components are effective; and There is no protection; in addition, attention should be paid to the safety distance of the parts of the child's car, the speed and stability of the child's car and the safety of the small toys suspended or attached to the child's car. Experts said that attention should be paid to the daily maintenance of children's cars, avoid the use of traffic on the road, when children use children's cars, caregivers should not leave, do not allow children's cars to assume additional functions, such as hanging heavy objects on the handlebars, carrying baggage with children's cars, many people ride in children's cars and so on.

Analysis of the development of children's car industry in China